What's next?

Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 19:46 1/6/02

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Hello everybody,

Hey, Mark, now that the Atlas is complete, what are your next plans and/or projects for Virtual Verduria, apart from the biology/crops work? Are you planning a new grammar, or developping a new culture (e.g. Uytai)? Tell us!!!

Gustavo Pereira

Mark responds:

Time to relax in the hammock with a mint julep. Well, except that it's winter.

A smaller project I just finished was to update the Thematic Dictionary with over 400 new words. There are now a few shy of 6000 words in the dictionary.

Other stuff that's underway: a study of Verdurian dialects; the Cuêzi and Xurnese grammars; finally finishing the materials on Xurnese religions; starting in on the history of Arcél. And it being January, I'm suffering my yearly pangs of conscience at not sending out manuscripts.

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