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Hi! I'm a fifteen year old swedish guy, and I'm very interested in Verduria. I'm creating a language of my own, and 'Virtual Verduria' has given me much inspiration. Now to the questions :

Is there any large competitions in dance, music, writing or anything like that?

What are the attitudes towards male homosexuals?

How does the school work in Verduria?

What kinds of desserts are there?

Marcus Lindqvist

Mark responds:

Welcome to the board, Marcus! For some reason there seems to be some special affinity between Swedes and Verdurians. I've gotten a disproportionate response from Sweden...

1. (Competitions) Probably not so many in Verduria; but Xurno would have them.

2. (Gays) It depends on the culture. Xurno would be the most accepting-- there it's considered rather normal, especially in the context of mentoring. It's also not considered wrong in Jippirasti, though it's mostly seen as an alternative when women are not present. Verdurians tend to look down on gays, but they don't persecute them. (Note that I disagree with the Verdurians here! The spectrum of attitudes on Almea is intended to reflect the varied attitudes found on Earth in the pre-modern era.)

3. (Schools) See the section on Verdurian schools.

4. (Desserts) I haven't worked on this in detail, but for this sort of question you can often get basic information in the Thematic Dictionary.

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