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Posted by Philip Newton on 4:42 9/27/01

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Mizeceo, epei lelen
Ab fruen seltan solialei
Kiom averum talece mädörnece
She dernan iluvean soe crefuselte?
Larzhem lëni er claem curulem kiei, fsa muyotenen brigatán,
Cam lelnam sur letuen rhukië er sicha letnu tayece!
Er soa ruzhë ëclaë letkrhumbilië er soî krhumbilî kio sicha cladrü im shalean
Donu onteca fpro nochín dy Znura taë dénuo tekre!
Mizeceo, esce ce-curuletsisula znura dénuo zende
Sur scurin soië rhisië er sur zhesán soië tayië?

--Crivne Fransesa Scot Cī (Ci), celmetne Filipo Petrei Lebdaney

(Note: I translated rocket as flying bomb, and invented aveir for hail. Other interesting constructions may be letuë rhukei "wall of a castle" for rampart and curuletsisul for "star-spangled", from curulë "star" and the past participle of tsisir "glitter, glimmer". And the second letter of Ms Key's family name has a lenge cuzea under the i. As always, comments on the translation are welcome.)

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