Cuteio Imanulin Nactin

Posted by Philip Newton on 2:46 9/13/01

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Im nauren mongilei fuio, keda dia Imanuli Nacti cutint celuscevui. Nies rethleilosi mongevut, er musceit mongulit pro khorein pseriont. Mieraa er nict er ptoci cauculi leiluom. Dia goret Elei Lesceioi Naurondae frirevut leiluom. Kettot dumec buscrifum.

Dia cicurionit garesmeit estont turascurrao. Tmerem Belgom Naurondae niktos buvult.

Filipo Petrei Lebdaney

Mark responds:

In case anyone can't tell at first glance, Philip is now writing in Cadhinor!And indeed, perhaps only Cadhinor possesses the necessary gravitas for the subject.

I had to think a moment about turascurrao... a very clever adaptation, tho' certainly not Classical. :)

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