Äser dën neschene!

Posted by Philip Newton on 8:35 8/20/01

In reply to: Äser dën neschene! posted by Irgend Jemand on 10:00 8/18/01

Are birthdays observed in Verduria? If so, how *does* one congratulate someone on their birthday there? Different languages seem to use different phrases, often fairly idiomatic and/or with interesting grammar.

So what does Verdurian use? I found nothing appropriate in the section on "Conventional Expressions" in the reference page. Maybe something like "Len zurai fs dobre pro/ad/eta/cum/she dënán neschene lë"? Or "Len zurai äser dën neschene"? Or simply "Midhai cum len!" = "Congratulations!" (literally, "I celebrate with you")?


Mark responds:

Hmm, I find that the English-Verdurian dictionary has the rather dull Zula neschena!, which would be an accusative, short for something like Len zurai zula neschena. I'm not sure if Irgend constructed dën neschene or got it from something else I wrote... if the latter, it's presumably because the neschena is technically the celebratory meal when you were actually born, so that commemorations of it would be dënî neschene.

I think the pagans would be more likely to annually commemorate one's nacuy or redel, the adulthood ceremony. But since I'm not a pagan, we don't have to worry about that. :)

"Dobre" in your first example should really be either accusative (to match fsë, the object of zurai) or genitive ("all of good"). And no preposition at all is required for time expressions, though de is allowed. So I'd write Len zurai fsë dobrei dënán neschene lë.

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