Kebreni verb conjugation utility

Posted by Philip Newton on 1:47 7/23/01

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This is not very polished yet, but you can have a look at if you're interested in Kebreni verbs.

The three features implemented at the moment are:

Conjugating a verb
This will conjugate a Kebreni verb in all of its forms. The order of the forms follows a certain internal logic but is not the same as the order the forms are presented in on Mark's page. (It's basically the order in which transformations should be applied.)
Find a specific conjugated form of a verb
This enables you to find, say, the benefactive-to-listener perfective of "pocsu" (meaning "I kicked you for your own good", I suppose). "polite" and "subordinate" are mutually exclusive, so I put them in the same radio button group (it's not the verb that's polite; it's the interchange or situation, so with subordinate verbs the main verbs gets marked +polite)
Identify a conjugated form
Useful if you run across, say, "ahednerydu" and don't know what it means, and don't feel like looking all over the dictionary and applying transformations (since the first letter of a conjugated form may not be the first letter of the root). If multiple conjugated forms are the same, it will give you all of them. Definitions taken from the Kebreni lexicon are also given.



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