Viewer's & Stalker's Guide to Swatoons Regulars

You could figure this all out for yourself if you've read the logs, or if the comic went on as long as, say, Ranma 1/2. But this will make you feel like you've met these people. Wash your hands afterwards. (You can compare the toons to their photos here.)
Spinn (Greg) is our genial host, the swoony goth in long black coat, Maestro dei Ruffiani, creator of SpinnWebe.

Tieboy (Chris), underemployed midget, is chief of staff over at Not My Desk. The caricatures of Spinn and Tie are based on their own scrawled sketches.

Leth is known for stress-testing software, newbies, and floors.

Raven (Heather) is feared not only because she's a sysop, but because she's the editor of the logs.

Zompist-- well, figure it out. I draw myself as a bookish geek so you don't have to.
Agent Orange
Craig is a lawyer, a Texan, and a former DFC editor, so you just know he's a Sith Lord.

When he isn't viciously funny in #sw, Agent Orange (Agto) writes a viciously funny comic about Louisiana politics.

SeanQ is a coin collector and works for Parfums de Coeur. The stinkles were his own idea.

Samwise is our resident rustic. He's slaughtered his own hogs, but he glommed onto computers when they were introduced into Nebraska, last year.

CrazyClimber (Bob) is an editor and knows more about music and ham than you'd ever guess. He's a bit older than me, and thus thankfully gets most of the Senile Old Guy jokes.

Lore is much bigger than he looks here (again, based on his own cartoons). He is very much the same Lore who has achieved interplanetary reknown as editor of the Brunching Shuttlecocks.

Stan Xhiao lives behind a firewall or something, and we miss him. He's represented by his avatar, the proprietor of Mr. Luke's Restaurant ("Food to order out or sit in!").

AliasN is awfully functional considering her... well... she does cope well, don't you think? She lives in one of our Canadian states somewhere.

Freyja exchanged Quebec for Florida and got married in a motel, but she makes up for this by being able to talk sexy in French.

Kyol is just a way friendly, geeky guy with an interest in video games, show tunes, and arthropods.
Mr. ?
J. Random

At a #sw get-together Mr. ? was voted Least Evil. This is a relative term, so if he comes over, keep the women, flatware, and livestock locked up.

mdxi (Shawn) is the channel geek, which is like saying he's the 700 Club's Holy Roller. His net presence features anime reviews and helpful hints on foul language for foreigners.

Wabewalkr (Rob) wishes I wouldn't plug his Bear Test; very well, read the navigator's logs for the Smogmobile 2000 instead. He's written a text adventure game that requires you to know what pH is.

Sol-d is an art student, and likes to come across somewhere between fragile and perverse. Her own cartoons of herself would make every hair on your body stand on end.

You think that's a lot of people to keep track of for a handful of comics? There's at least twenty more that appear in the logs. J. Random stands for them all. No one knows what they look like, anyway.

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