How to tell if you're Canadian

by Damien Ponech and John Bayko

In the same month my little e-mailman, dodging the e-dogs, brought not one but two Canadian culture tests. With the authors' consent I've combined them. Both are English Canadian; there is a separate Québecois culture test. Items identical to the American test are in grey.

Damien was born and lived most of his life in Toronto, Ontario; for the last three years he's been studying linguistics and second language teaching in Ottawa. Born in Regina, John lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where he works as a programmer. He's also lived in Ottawa and Winnepeg, and married an American ("from just outside Chicago, where it's quiet".)


If you're Canadian... Our football fields go up to 110A planet where Liberals run the government?Over there first, twice And it's not (quite) "aboot", eitherElvis lives!Our 800-pound neighborsEarly fireworksSpace and time