Posted by Frank Legros on 13:50 7/4/01

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I couldn't find the word for "refuge" in the English-Verdurian dictionary, so I took the word for "home" instead. In the Pali language "Buddham saranam gacchami" means : "I go to the Buddha (the Awakened One) for refuge". I hope that "Lädai soán echitulán com zhes" has a similar meaning! :-)

By the way, I forgot to type the first sentence of the prayer:

Eglér soán benulán, cumpugulán, teplenece memsurilevulán
The Tisarana (or "three jewels") was written perhaps as early as the 4th century BC, one century after the passing of the Buddha. It is still used in every Theravada Buddhist ceremony.
Mark responds:

Thanks. I think "for shelter" would best be translated pro ubrezan. Ubreza 'shelter, refuge' is a fairly new word, deriving from Cadhinor hombrensa 'place of shade'... a very attractive sort of refuge in hot weather!

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