Posted by Jonathana Tegire on 16:52 5/9/02

In reply to: Laadan posted by Frank Legros on 17:39 5/9/02

Airanasin, sunena!

I myself have taken a look at san nahadana Laadanai. From what I have seen, it has a good flow to it. I love the fact that with prefixes there are no double consonants.

Its consonants are not too harsh, except for [lh]. It's vowels are indeed similar to those of san nahadana Tegirenai. It's suffixes and verb conjugations are simple and straightforward, so far as I have seen.

You may not care for my opinion on this subject, but as a semi-experienced language creator (I've half-developed 6 to date), I would rate this language at a 7 out of 10 for appeal and utility. I'd love to see the script (if any) that goes with it.

Hemoneava hanarate hiniranatal!

Jonathana Tegire

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