Inspiration & The Map

Posted by epdiii on 17:55 12/31/01

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I have a big question for you. What inspired you to create Almea? What fuels your desire to add more to this fantasy world? I find it really amazing how world-makers come up with all this original stuff. Especially Tokien, George Lucas, and Roddenbery. They must have worked all day on their stories! I try really hard to create worlds, but I always get tired of it. I run out of motivation..

Some more Q's..this time about the map. How long did it take you to make the final draft of the map of Almea? What did the first map look like? Did you base it on anything or did you just pull it out of thin air?

Mark responds:

It's hard to say... I just like creating worlds; I've been doing it since I was a kid. With Almea, I'm tempted to paraphrase Samuel Johnson: for me to be tired of Almea would be to be tired of life, for Almea has everything that life affords. If I get bored working on languages, I can work on maps, histories, religions, biology-- or write a story. These generally require direct or indirect research into Earth as well.

As for maps... any given map usually takes no more than a few hours. (Well, except for the one I painted on my wall at college!) They're not based on anything, except for years of map-gazing and map-making experience. In high school I had a project of making my own atlas (of Earth); it was never finished, but I learned a lot of geography.

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