External Origins

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 17:38 12/29/01

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This is a perhaps a bit mean question: How much of the core of Verduria- I don't mean other parts of Almea now, or the details of Cadhinorian history, but just the country itself- is actually your work, and how much is that of Chris Vargas? I mean, he was the DM back then after all!

Mark responds:

I can't think of anything major he's responsible for (except the inspiration to get started!). For the first year he was the DM for the dungeon adventures (and he designed the interior of the dungeon, Erruk), while I was the DM for the outdoors adventures (and thus I designed the external world). After that he was the sole DM, and I worked on the world. We worked out the scenarios together, but those are like stories set on Almea; not much trickled back to influence the world itself.

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