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Posted by Brooke on 14:02 12/7/01

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Hi, thanks for answering my question yesterday. I have some others, hope you dont mind. I was wondering when people get married there. Is it young? Im a 16 yr old girl, if I lived there, would I be married already? Also how do they have their weddings? I read a little about weddings, but what do they wear? And how many kids do people usually have?

Thank you,
Brooke :-)

PS: Can a girl have a job or does she have to get married???

Mark responds:

It would depend on whether you lived in the city or the country, and if your parents were peasants, craftsmen, merchants, or nobles. Generally, the poorer and more rural girls would get married earlier.

16 would be considered a very good age to get married in Verduria. This would have been true of medieval Europe, too! Mary Queen of Scots, for instance, was married for the first time at that age.

As for children, four children would be typical. This is an area where Almea works a bit differently from old Europe... you probably don't want to know how many children J.S. Bach's wife had!

A girl can get a job-- though it would help to come from a wealthy family! There's very few professions that women can't get into in Verduria-- they can even serve in the army.

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