Posted by Joey on 3:45 12/7/01

In reply to: Questions posted by Philip Newton on 9:37 12/6/01

Mark wrote:
"Hmm, how do you do this [negative imperative to children] in French? Just Non?"

Philip wrote:
"Not sure, to tell you the truth. I'd guess either Non! or Pas! but I don't know which, if either, is correct. Or maybe they use Arręte!, as you did in Verdurian -- and as is commonly heard in English, as well."

I believe the phrase is "Ça suffit!" (That's enough!). I got this from my mother, whose father was French, so presumably she heard it once or twice growing up!


Mark responds:

OK... can you say this fast enough, when the kid is putting his hand in the fire or something, though?

A nice related expression is C'est pas un peu fini?, which might be translated "Are you kind of done?"

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