How do you want that data?

Posted by Daan Goedkoop on 8:59 12/5/01

In reply to: How do you want that data? posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 12:46 12/5/01

I also prefer HTML. If you want to have the real diacritic marks, you could copy-paste everything to Word and Find/Replace all those combinations. Note that, with the modern Windows-es, you do not longer need the Mareille font, as most Windows fonts already provide eastern characters. To enter such a character, do Insert-Symbol and then select the character. You could also make a shortcut for it. There is one little problem with that: most Eastern characters have the "roofs" reversed: Ď.

Daan Goedkoop.

Mark responds:

Unfortunately, Windows isn't the only OS in the world! Someday I'll simply use Unicode, but for now not all computers have Unicode fonts... including mine at home.

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