Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 6:42 12/2/01

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At some points in the atlas it is mentioned that this or that culture lived mainly of fishing or of hunting, gathering and fishing or agriculture and fishing. The Visitor's Guide and the Practical Course also mention that fish is often used in the Verdurian and especially Ismain cuisine.

But wouldn't anyone who fishes to much on Almea get in trouble with the Ilii? I know that they don't care half as much about property and related stuff as we do, but they have to think of the fact that if the uesti catch to much of their fish and seafood there won't be enough food left for them after all. Also, what if the fishermen accidentally catch Ilii with their nets? Adults will probably know how to avoid being catched there, but what about inexperienced children?

Mark responds:

For the last few milennia, at least, the ilii have lived mostly from agriculture and animal husbandry-- that is, from sea plants grown on the seafloor (or on the surface), and from domesticated schools of fish. So 'wild' fish are fair game for the uesti.

The ilii are good at not being seen when they don't want to be, and they keep their schools-- and children-- away from human fishing boats. Almean fishing methods are also not terribly intensive (unlike modern earthly methods, which can devastate entire species). There is a potential for conflict in future centuries, however...

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