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Posted by Håvard Tegle on 18:22 11/27/01

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Some questions on the historical atlas (yrs 2500-3000):

What kind of diplomatic contact has been established between the major states of each region? For instance have the Xurnese and the Dekhnami exchanged ambassadors? What about Gurdago and Kebri? Are they now competitors on the seas? The atlas contains details of the development of market economy. What kind of currencies does the different states have? Assuming they have developed coinage, what kind of material is used? I am interesteed in macroeconomical phenomena such as the great inflation in Greece after Alexander the Great's conquest of Persia. Have similar events occured in Almea? Are there particularly important mines worth mentioning?


Mark responds:

1. Well, I happen to have a list of Verdurian embassies outside the Plain:

Nan: O-Dayevu
Alfonsine Coast: Gavea, Sírotu, Lae-Atu
Lascita: Supotero
Aldovian Archipelago: Moreo Ashcai
Leru Leru: Nouaseaue
near Téllinor: Naheiro, Idírh, Canivor
Xurno: Inex
Teô: Tetäs
Skouras: Jippirim
Jaeshi Tej: Jaeshim
Gelimai: Kulapman
Kebri would have a similar list, though replacing the contacts in Téllinor with more countries on Arcél and the Kereminth; it also has an embassy in Ornâkh, the capital of Dhekhnam.

The Xurnese and the Skourenes would have a slightly smaller list. Gurdago does have contacts with Dhekhnam, but not a resident ambassador.

2. See the section on Coinage and Princes in the Kingdom of Verduria page for the major currencies of Eretald, plus Xurno, and how the value of the currency metals has changed over time.

I've got some maps underway that indicate commodity sources-- for instance, Kebri is a source of olives, wool, wine, copper, tin, manufactures textiles and ships, and re-exports goods from its extensive trading network; sulfur is found in the Kara desert and in Keshvare; marble is found in the middle Elcarin mountains in Hroth, Berunor is a major source of gold, and so on. But I'm not sure I know enough about the disciplines involved to say I'm done; and outside Eretald crops and animals are different, which complicates the task.

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