Xurnese tentacle

Posted by Jay Shorten on 12:05 11/26/01

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What brought the Xurnese to extend a tentacle up the Changor river? Was it to protect the realm somehow against the barbarians? The realm looks rather like one of those blancmanges from the planet Skaro :)


Mark responds:

Are you thinking of the Python sketch? (As opposed to, I guess, all the other blancmange sketches out there...)

The Changor and Xazen are the easiest way to get from Xurno to the Plain, so they are an ancient trade route. Both civilizations had always been content to leave the middle of the route to the barbarians, but at its height Xurno decided to take control of the trading posts and save itself some tolls. There was also the hope that the colony could dominate the local barbarians and thus thwart invasions of Xurno.

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