Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 00:28 11/24/01

In reply to: Losu?? posted by Christopher O'Regan on 16:54 11/22/01

Ah, so Xurnash uses the old "negative verb" method of negation. I was wondering where the negative in that sentence was . . .

So, re ri, (*cough* sorry.) Isn't this also the Xurnash for "thee"? On the board previously you tranlated "I love you" as ri mavu in Xurnash. This struck me as surprising: why wouldn't it be a derivative of ej?

--Rhisto Filipei, "Ahuenaivisanom".

Mark responds:

1. Xurnásh has four negative verbs (in Axunashin the negative is a mood on every verb). The negative of ize has been reinterpreted as a negative auxiliary shache.

2. Ah, Xurnese pronouns... it's a long story. The nominative forms for 'thou' are m. yes, f. yec, which derive from rir ezichou 'your greatness'. The accusative "should have been" ej, but ri was used on analogy with the other pronominal accusatives (e.g. i 'me', ti 'us', ki 'them').

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