Posted by Jay Shorten on 14:45 11/22/01

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I was comparing the city maps and it seems that Eleisa, ancient capital city of Cuzei and one of the world's biggest cities in 600 ZE has disappeared over the millenia. What happened to it? Is it the same as Octinila?


Mark responds:

It's long been in ruins... a combination of Cadhinorian repression and neglect, medieval poverty, and barbarian invasions. Urban life basically evaporated in all of Eärdur province, except its capital, Octinila (modern Ozhnëa).

The same thing happened in the western Roman Empire. Ancient Rome had a population of well over 300,000. Colin McEvedy's map of cities in AD 737, however, shows only two cities in Europe with as much as 15,000 people: Toledo and Salonika. Cities like London were, like Eleisa, completely abandoned in the Dark Ages.

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