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Will we see maps showing the Verdurian discovery of other parts of the world? You mentioned a colony on the other side of Ereláe; I wonder how the Verdurians got there without having to sail around other unfriendly nations.

Maps showing "The Known World according to Verduria / Xurno / etc." might be useful.

Do the Verdurians know about the northern-hemisphere continents?


Mark responds:

I do have a map of the ordinary Verdurian's perception of the world-- it was needed for a D&D campaign-- but it's a bit out of date. I'll have to put something together, perhaps after the main sequence of maps.

It's a long but not terribly hard journey to Téllinor. Look at the Hemisphere map in the Atlas. Sail for Leán (identified on the Terrain map), then around the horn of Ereláe. You might want to put in at Girona Verdúrë, the Verdurian colony in Qaraumia. The most difficult leg of the journey is next: the 5000-km hop to Arcél. But from there on you can, if you're cautious, just follow the continents: southern Arcél, southern Neinuoi, then that long peninsula in the southwest of Ereláe leading right up to Téllinor.

Of course you can sail along the southern coast of Ereláe instead, and some do. But this route is more southerly, and impossible in winter, and you pass up the opportunity to trade with Uytai and Neinuoi.

The Verdurians don't know what's in the northern hemisphere, except for the Bekkayin states on the north coast of Ereláe. The ilii once gave them a drawing of the whole planet, however.

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