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Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 11:56 11/08/01

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I changed a couple of dozen words in Cadhinor and Verdurian, in order to make the transition between the two work better. My apologies.

A list will only make is seem worse, since most of you will never have seen these words, but I thought I'd better provide one. I think the only really big change is beluán for beluan.

Cadhinor     Verdurian
Was Now is Gloss Was Now is Gloss
baetra baetera bitch shobost shobóst brine
belaica belaca sword plóo ploe shy
leziuneis leziunis Leziunean lekáro lekaro physician
melankondos melankon coal eloria elória empire
mongan, etc. monnan, etc. work Bechind Bechínd an elder god
santes sandes healthy suléa sulea youth
Keiadau Kehadau an emperor chita chüta scales
anguilla anguhila eel beluan beluán beautiful
guintro gintro sash cedhue cédhue festival
poita polita basis meunen méunen plow
sibilir sibelir whistle peda peza bitters
pluilir pluhir rain pëzha fëzha pigeon
atitris antiutis mischievous tráir trair betray
atita antiuta mischief Metau Metayu ancient country

If you're wondering "Why??", all of these changes turn an irregular into a regular derivation. For instance, baetra would regularly go to becha, which is wrong; but baetera correctly becomes betra. Shobóst and beluánd keep the stress on the same syllable as in Cadhinor. Elória puts the stress where it should have been in the first place. And so on.

I've updated all the Cadhinor material on the web, as well as a few minor references elsewhere. The Thematic Dictionary isn't yet updated, since it's awaiting a mondo-massive update anyway. And the Ismaîn and Barakhinei grammars aren't updated yet, since now that I know exactly where the stress fell on each Cadhinor word, I want to reflect this in Barakhinei as well.

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