Girls of Almea and other non-serious themes

Posted by Hans-Werner Hatting on 11:05 10/25/01

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as we are at the topic of inter-species sex - what about the Elleniki? As far as I understood, the similarities between uesti and Terranean humans are the result of parallel evolution, not of any genetic relationship. So the Elleniki, although being able to have sex with the uesti, probably have not been able to interbreed (what a nice word). What happended to them? Did they dy out? Or are there still communities of Elleniki on Almea (maybe in Avela)? And if yes, did they take over the language and culture of their neighbours, or did they preserve some form of Koine Greek? The fact that they would not be able to have (biological) families outside of their own communities would speak for the conservation of some special cultural traits.

Ad onlelán,

Mark responds:

That's a good point. I don't think an ancient trading expedition would have brought women along, however. That would imply that the community died out genetically; though since it had high prestige, the Eleniki could have married Avélans and adopted children. I think it would be preserved for some centuries, but eventually integrated into Érenati society.

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