Girls of Almea and other non-serious themes

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 18:14 10/24/01

In reply to: Girls of Almea and other non-serious themes posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 14:25 10/19/01

Hey Panu, how can you call an entry "Girls of Almea and other non-serious topics"? Man, some people have strange priorities. Now Mark, it looks as if you've skipped the good parts of that story- allthough now that I think about it, it shouldn't be to difficult to imagine in wich style a story that features three characters like the ones introduced will go on.

As for the pornography, there seems to be a quiet open attitude towards slightly pornographic pictures on Almea, judging from the pictures supposed to be painted by Almeans that are thrown in here and there on the pages of Virtual Verduria. Talking of that, just out of curiousity, when you replaced the picture of the Almean girl on the lifeforms page, why did you choose one that's cut off a bit higher? At the request of concerned parents?

Also, you claim that very few ilii have ever been interested in sex with humans. But aren't human women on Almea sometimes in danger from, say, frustrated iliu men who for some reasons can't get any, are weak enough in their character to be willing to rape someone, and, for the reason you explained, can't rape iliu women?

I've also re-read the Cadhinorian sex morals section now. Will the extended family kill or almost kill someone who fooled around with a girl, or will they just (say) force him to marry her? In the latter case, couldn't young couples bypass the arranged marriage custom by getting pregnant and then being "forced" (not exactly against their own will) to marry each other?

Then you write about the lesbian relations many heterosexual Verdurian girls have, and apparently they have them because they like them. But since you claim that uestî are similar to humans, that seems to imply that most women are more or less bi. Ok, from what I know about the world, I half-way tend to agree with that (just think of the way women greet each other, for instance:), but do you really believe it?

A couple of posts ago, you wrote that terran women would look somehow "freakishly overendowed" to Almeans. Whom do you mean with that, real-life terran women or what most Western guys seem to think how they should look like?


Mark responds:

(By paragraph:)

1. Indeed. That story does exist, but it's not very good. For that sort of tale to work, it has to be clever, and it wasn't.

2. You consider those pictures pornographic?? (As for the girl, it's just how the drawing worked out...)

3. There are no frustrated iliu males. Most ilii are monogamous; the rest are content to find partners among each other-- organizing among themselves, if necessary. They're entirely free of the human neurosis of demanding partners to be more desirable than themselves; so if a non-monogamous iliu male is old or unattractive, he looks for females who are the same.

4. It depends on the relative standing of the two families. If the match would be acceptable, it could be allowed, perhaps with a higher bride-price as a penalty. If the boy is of too high a family, they'll buy off the girl's family. If the boy's family is too low, it will have to pay what it can, and the boy will be punished. (Doesn't sound nice to us; but marriages are important economic and social transactions-- messing them up is a serious offense.)

5. I suspect that sexuality is quite fluid. There are a few human cultures, for instance, where homosexuality is a universal rite of passage... it's hard to imagine this working if one's sexual orientation is entirely genetic.

6. Even average Western terrestrial women would seem quite top-heavy to Almeans. Many Asian women are about the right size, however. (The picture of the iliu female is not very accurate; I should redo it.)

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