Cadhinorian succession

Posted by Jay Shorten on 18:12 10/23/01

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Why were there civil wars over the succession? I got the impression that there was a dynasty of long standing. Wasn't there a clear succession law? Or did it die out like the Julio-Claudians, Flavians, Severans, etc. and no one could establish a new one?

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

I don't know enough about the Empire to say for sure; in Verdurian history, there was not the near-inevitable acceptance of inheritance that we find in, say, England, whose dynasties have all been related to some degree or another, back to William. (And yet, note how many wars the English succession engendered. Inheritance doesn't prevent all problems of succession...) In theory the Verdurian monarch was the choice of the nobles, though most of the time the monarchy was inherited anyway.

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