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Posted by Jonathan Hammond on 3:35 10/23/01

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...um, can I generously lift some of your Verduria city material and language? I promise I won't take any names or anything if you don't want me to. And, ultimately, what I'm after are purely geographical and occasionally linguistic details, and I don't want to borrow many of the cultural specifics - the race I've drawn up is already technologically advanced, culturally modern and westernized, and if I dare say, J-poppish if vaguely communistic in going about it.

But the sound structures of Verdurian are very similar to things I've been trying to create in a conlang for a while, and for that matter I've been trying to design a number of cities for these people, mostly borrowing very ineptly from Mexico City and large Japanese cities like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, to no avail. Verduria city has a lot of structures in it that are similar to a lot of cultural constructs I'm trying to throw into most Kreiani cities, such as massive and important-seeming university and library buildings, etc.

I'm sure I'm confusing the hell out of you, though... but could you help, and could I borrow the blueprint for Verduria city? It'll only take a minute, and I'll give you credit for whatever it is I end up doing.

Mark responds:

Hi, Jon. You can do whatever you want with stuff on your own PC (i.e., stuff you're only going to share with yourself and a few friends).

If you put stuff on the web-- well, it's not clear to me how much, exactly, you want to borrow. If it's just the phonological structure of Verdurian and some of the urban architecture of Verduria-city, go ahead.

I do advise that you rework the material, not to keep me happy but to produce a more satisfying creation. E.g., don't just copy the Verduria city map; find out what you like about it (the university campus? the Haussmanesque boulevards?) and incorporate those features into your own city.

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