Almean mystery languages

Posted by epdiii on 23:36 10/14/01

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Are there any languages in Almea (specifically on Ereláe) that have mysterious or unsolved backgrounds? I can see how Tei could possibly be one of them, since it's located so far away from the other Chia-Sha tongues; but it's already classified under a group. I'm talking about languages that are comparable to Earth's Pictish, Burushaski or (the very fascinating, IMO) Basque. Or could Kebreni already represent one of these..

One of the things you said in the first map's comentary inspired this question:

The blank spaces on the map, then, may not be as empty as they look

Could there have been people on Ereláe before the Wede:i, Eynleyni and Monkhayu arrived? :)

Mark responds:

The linguistic term for these languages is isolate... actually Ereláan linguistics is a little too neat-- no major language is unaccounted for!

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