Posted by Gustavo Pereira on 1:43 10/14/01

In reply to: Zhésifo posted by Jay Shorten on 22:34 10/9/01


What's the correct form for Zhésifo in Cadhinor: "Ctésifon" or "Ctésifos"? I'm asking that because on Virtual Verduria texts we can read "Ctésifon", and in the Atlas we can see "Ctésifos". Did you decide to change the orthography of that word or there are two ways of naming the city in Cadhinor?


Gustavo Pereira

Mark responds:

Ctesifos is the original name of the city; Ctesifon is an augmentative (compare the classical augmentative -ond-). (The accents are used when writing the words in Verdurian.)

(As a few people have surmised, the city is named for the ancient capital of Persia.)

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