The demons are vanquished... for now

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 5:16 10/13/01

In reply to: The demons are vanquished (for now...) posted by Jay Shorten on 21:35 10/11/01

Hey Mark, didn't you notice that apparently most of the people on this board are teenagers, or at least not much older? Ey, watcha want, man? You dissin us?

Well, based on the we're-as-ugly-to-them-as-they're-to-us principle, can we at least assume that the murtani weren't that much interested in raping human women?

As for that ship, when did it leave here? Since it's crew and passengers were apparently mostly Christians, it was probably before the Muslim conquest of Egypt in the 7th century. This also explains that allthough the folks on it were Greeks, you claim that they brought Catholicism to Almea. But I still can't really believe that; as far as I know, the Grand Schism just made differences official that had been there all along. So I think that even in early centuries, the church in the East was more like today's Orthodox Church than like today's Catholic Church.

Mark responds:

On teenagers... heh, I did think about that; but I can't get away from the facts... teenagers don't make good rulers. (Another nice example: the Red Guards.)

On the múrtani occupation of Metauro... it'd be surprising if the múrtani behaved themselves better than most human occupying armies do.

Finally, the Elenicoi left Egypt not long after the Council of Nicaea (325). You're quite right that the sort of Catholicism they brought was not the same as today's. (A few obvious differences would be that this was before the iconoclastic period; state and church had not yet fused; priestly celibacy was not yet demanded; and the cult of Mary had not yet developed.)

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