Posted by Irgend Jemand on 5:16 10/13/01

In reply to: Zhésifo posted by Jay Shorten on 22:34 10/9/01

Mark, didn't you tell me back in post 138 that the ruler of Zhésifo was some Onop the second, and that he still called himself Elordalu? Some people just never get it...

Mark responds:

Oops... I didn't look in the right place for that info. To make amends, here's a bit more about modern Zhésifo. Ertala committed suicide in 2950, ending the Buran dynasty; the state was then ruled by Verduria till 3198. From 3198 to 3305 the Rhiseon dynasty ruled Zhésifo, starting with Ribelgo, duke of Rhiseon. 3305-58 was another period of Verdurian rule.

Since then the ruling dynasty is the Adhlon. Its rulers:
3358-3384 Chipelric (marquis of Adhlon)
3384-3404 Érefar
3404-3415 Chipelric 2e
3415-3438 Onop
3438-3462 Nuzvuran
3462- Onop 2e

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