I'm back with a page!

Posted by Shad Andrews on 3:24 10/13/01

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Hello residents of the VV message board. Haven't posted it here much lately, but that's because I've just started college and have been somewhat busy. I have been lurking though! This is totally off-topic but I hope that's okay. I have just completed an early draft version of my new website "The Hyperworld." (Sounds similar to the 'Metaverse', doesn't it?) It will contain a page for my DC Comics Universe timeline and a 'support-group' page for those who are attempting to make their own chronology of this comic book universe. Also included on the page (eventually) will be my own 'World of Eumora' -- my counterpart to Mark's Verduria. Also, I'm soon going to try to start a new webbased Superman fanzine. (Just in case you're interested in helping out- give me a line). The page's address is


So, if you could stop by real quick just to make me feel good, that would be great. Then stop by again in a few weeks to see the page mature a little.



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