Shrine of the "Holy Perversion"?

Posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 19:10 10/11/01

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I cannot help feeling flummoxed about "Holy Perversion"! What is there behind this apparent contradiction in terms?

Mark responds:

The path to spirituality must sometimes pass through paradox and even stupefaction. Surely one who is holy in his own eyes, for that very reason, offends the gods. In every religion it is sometimes necessary to shock the believers: Jesus using violence to cleanse the temple, or refusing to reprimand Mary for her lack of work ethic; Paul's disciples eating meat sacrificed to demons; Isaiah prophesying naked for three years; Hosea marrying a prostitute to symbolize Israel's infidelity to the Lord; the Zen monk who attained satori while having sex in a brothel. The cult behind the shrine embraces perversion not for hedonism but for enlightenment.

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