The demons are vanquished (for now...)

Posted by Christopher O'Regan on 19:30 10/9/01

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Jippir be praised, at last the evil realm of Munkhash has been destroyed. I very much enjoyed reading the leadup to the final showdown, and then the colossal struggle itself. I now look forward to reading about the two empire's inevitable decline, followed by the demons' re-emergence. . . :-)

It will be interesting - given the zeal of the Jippirasti, wouldn't they at least attempt to convert the Sarnaeans? will this cause tension? Also, how is the Kurundasti Tej structured? Are the provinces administrated by Jippirasti caliphs, or by appointees of the Atej, or what? in other words, is the Tzhuro empire a theocracy, or is it controlled by warrior-princes who just happen to be devout? Will the Jippirasti religion diffuse into nearby cultures, like the Xurnese etc, as did Islam in Indonesia? This is of course idle speculation - i should probably stop trying to draw parallels with my limited understanding of terrestrial history.

Also, on another topic completely - i rather liked the Verdurian national anthems, good on Philip for giving them a go. I think mine sounds much more stirring in soa Sfahe! If i ever get ambitious, i might do a couple of songs of my own . . . I wonder how Waltzing Matilda would sound :-) . . . Just a minor point, I always interpreted "Advance Australia Fair" as a third-person imperative, so should it actually be Fasadire? or perhaps Fasadirum Ostreyliam rezhnä? Curse English ambiguity.

--Rhisto Filipei

Mark responds:

At the moment (1686), the Tzhuro are organized into clans, each of which is subject to the firm rule of the Atej. As yet there's no distinction between temporal and spiritual leaders. The other questions should be answered farther along in the Atlas!

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