More patriotism

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 18:18 10/6/01

In reply to: More patriotism posted by Philip Newton on 12:22 10/1/01

Ec! Chris ilet shris núnece azhanece im soan sfahen!

I think Philip didn't translate the Marseillaise because he translated anthems of countries that are either anglophone or have Verdurian connections, and as far as I know, France is neither the one nor the other. I don't know of any French who has learned Verdurian yet- but that might be because all Verdurian learning materials I know of are written in English...

Also, I have to complain. Why didn't I get any notice when I posted message #100?

Mark responds:

No French Verdurianists? I hope Frank Legros will forgive you!

As for #100... I didn't think of it at the time... you may now add Voyec Shatemei Voii to your titles.

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