The 4 Wonders of Almea? :)

Posted by epdiii on 23:13 10/1/01

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Setting aside all the political and linguistic aspects, are there any great structures that could be considered "wonders" on Almea? Probably most of the wonders that are in Ereláe have been destroyed by wars. But what about Arcél? I remember reading somewhere on this site about a building called The Festival House of Uytai. I also saw the Gardens of Engidori, the Palace of the Salons, and the Great Tower of Gurdago. What are the purposes of these places? Could these structures be considered "The 4 Wonders of Almea"? :)

Mark responds:

Heh. You're remembering the Civ2 scenario. Like any Civ2 scenario, it in fact has 28 Wonders. Here's the whole list; I've put * after anything that's not a physical structure. The epochs are a Civ2 thing, not necessarily true of the Almean reference.

Ancient world

Great Canal (of Xurno)
Gardens of Engidori (in Skouras)
Trade God's Blessing*
Great Tower of Gurdago (in Luduyn)
Glade of Eleisa (in Cuzei)
Book of Eledh (Cuzeian)*
Xurnese City-Fortress (will be explained in the Atlas)

Medieval world

Jippir's Manual of War (now you know who Jippir is!) *
Eledeh Work Ethic*
Kebreni Book of Lands* (because the Kebreni are great navigators)
Seminary of the Gods (at Lake Como)
Teland Starwatchery (in Belshai)
Elena's Expedition (from Verduria) *
Revaudo Revival (in Xurno) *

Renaissance world

Demoshimor Spy College* (Dhekhnam is good at espionage)
Corona Beer (from Verduria) *
The scientific method *
Hall of the Sea Traders (in Verduria)
Palace of the Salons (in Xurno)
Friendship of the Ilii *
Festival House of Uytai

Modern world

National Epic *
Belesao Water Authority* (really in the future)
Culthouse of Gelalh* (biological weapons - from the future)
Parliament of Almea (from the future)
Ënomai Program* (space program - from the future)
Murap Science City (in Belshai - also in the future)
Rock and Roll *

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