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Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 14:59 10/1/01

In reply to: More patriotism posted by Philip Newton on 12:22 10/1/01

Impressive! I noticed you didn't do the Marseillaise, but as it happens I translated it years ago... indeed, so long ago that I had to update it to use the current Verdurian lexicon. You can sing it to the tune of the French anthem, so long as you pronounce "uesttî" as "westî" and "meom" as one syllable. (I had to move words around a bit, in some cases, to match the meter.)

Soa Marséii

Lädanam, uestî pironáei,
So hora brace adzhe nun!
Ak tan is soán altuatán
Soa krofsë znura zet seve
Soa krofsë znura zet seve.
Fortece ya im soem mestem
Muzhou ci-voyakî ogî.
Zhanu u braki zhenië
Igozhen taë cirem, druki.

Guneno, pázhiomî!
Concolo taknoshi!
Krof rhoseor meyane meom taë!

I'm sure someone will be wondering about the Verdurian anthem, which I've named elsewhere as "Far above Eärdur's waters" (extra points to anyone who recognizes what song that title parodies). I haven't got that one, but here's a sort of fanfare I wrote, again many years ago.
Ave Verdúria!
Ave Alric Dalu!
Ave zhen scurë, alte er base, pak er ret!
Scuri orhei, scuri silvië er zëië,
zhen so mudhe taye er trastoshte, ave!

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