Kthith Engel álh

Posted by Jay Shorten on 10:19 10/1/01

In reply to: Kthith Engel álh posted by Jay Shorten on 20:22 9/30/01

Wasn't there a Lord Lucan who disappeared in the 1970s? Perhaps this is the key to the mystery: some apprentice necromancer tried to be fancy and overly obsequious and instead of summoning "Come, Lord Gelálh!" he summoned "I want a lord Englishman" and got Lord Lucan. Heaven knows what the necromancers would have made of Lord Lucan (whom I think was some sort of drug addict), except to say, "Oh, no, not another one of these Englishmen!" though it would have been quite lucky for him as he was under suspicion of murder. The apprentice likely got a good beating for dangerously experimenting with spells.

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

A lordly drug addict accused of murder? Even the Dhekhnami would probably prefer a better class of tourist...

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