Artificial Almean languages

Posted by Jay Shorten on 20:18 9/30/01

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If Almea is more advanced in linguistic studies than Earth was in a comparable area, has the Almean equivalent of D-ro Esperanto [Zamenhof] appeared yet? Or the Datuval, Fr Schleyer? You see, if there is an Almean Esperanto, or even Volapük, I might learn it so I don't have to learn all those irregular Verdurian verbs...

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

Heh! I never thought of that. Very likely there is none yet, since the Plain doesn't have the level of linguistic confusion of Europe-- Verdurian already serves as a lingua franca.

I thought you'd learned Volapük, Jay? If you can handle that, you can handle the few Verdurian irregularities!

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