The Atlas, & King lists

Posted by Jay Shorten on 19:34 9/29/01

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I now find that I have to check every week for the latest map for the Atlas. However, I find it difficult to picture how big the empires are, such as Munkhash and Wedei, etc. Could you provide a general map of the Atlas area superimposed on a map of Europe or China or whatever area and latitude in the Atlas corresponds to the same latitude on Earth? You'll have to flip it to the Northern Hemisphere, of course.

Also, will we see king lists of the Cadhinorian emperors (in the original Cadhinorian and the modern Verdurian) and other assorted rulers of other places? Perhaps even a little mnemonic verse chanted by schoolchildren to keep them straight? (William, William, Harry, Steve / Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three...)

One day I have to sit and learn Verdurian... Oh, by the way, what is the name of that cap Shm Revouse wears and where can I get one?

Jay Shorten

Mark responds:

Man, have you been poking around in my notes or something? I do have such a map of Europe. I'll make a scan of it. And I do have a list of Cadhinorian emperors-- though I still have to fill in some gaps. (Without such a list, you find yourself referring to "the emperor so-and-so" here and there, and you end up with five emperors reigning at the same time...)

I don't really have a good taxonomy of clothing terms... I'd just call it a süpa 'cap' for now. Any Verdurian tailor could make one for you...

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