Continental crisis

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 17:16 9/28/01

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Damn, are these ktuvoki cunning. This is the most exiting part of all that I've read on Almea so far. And while I know from other pages and the fact that there's Verduria in modern Almean times how this crisis will turn out, I do not know what will happen until then.

Ok, I see why Munkhash is allying itself with the murtani, tried to delay a decision in the Cadhinorian civil war, and covertly supports the Skouras-first part among the Tzhouro. But when it comes to their idea of a Gelalh altar in Weinexi, I have to speculate:

My first idea was that since both the Cadhinorians and the Jippirasti among the Tzhouro are strongly religious and see this Gelalh as a symbol for their god(s) enemies, they will attack Axunnai when it starts worshipping him (or allows it's citizens to do so) and therefore bring it on Munkhash's side.

Another thought is that since supernatural powers do exist on Almea, some of them might somehow cause bad things for Axunnai when demons are worshipped there.

And yet another plan the ktuvoki might have is that this worship might have a bad effect on Axunashin society- I mean, the rites, practices and moral code of people who worship the major demons of an empire like Munkhash are probably not the kind of stuff your parents will think of as good for you.

Also, maybe i'm just getting paranoid or so, but even that crisis in some way reminds me of the current world situation (I mean mainly Axunnai's problem with fighting the Bucair).

However, damn exiting. And damn well worked out. Are you still sure that those ktuvoki folks may be not much smarter than the average chimpanzee? Keep up the good work!


Mark responds:

Heh... maybe I should only put up one map this week, to sustain the suspense...

This part of Almean history was worked out more than 10 years ago, by the way. Unfortunately I can't find the earliest version... it was written rather more melodramatically.

As for the ktuvoks' intelligence... I think you underestimate the chimps. :) Chimps are pretty good at intrigue and power games!

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