Hello and emai...

Posted by Joey on 4:26 9/20/01

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Ave! Ai Joey, er ivrao soa letuë vouä. Templerai visanir er creir rhoni. Soa Sfahe e rhon beluan ... e comshayne so rhon Fráncricei.

In English: Greetings! I'm Joey, and I read this message board. I enjoy studying and creating langauges. Verdurian is a beautiful language ...

I hope that wasn't too bad for a first try. Corrections?

I just wanted to let you know that you've got one more person reading the board and enjoying Verduria. I've been creating languages for years, and didn't know anyone else aside from professional fantasy writers did until very recently. What a revelation! Thanks, Mark, for making this great resource available. Mark responds:

Glad to meet you, Joey. Where do you live?

You did a good job with the Verdurian; the only problem I see is in the declension of letuë vouë. The accusative of the first word is letuä; while vouë is already a genitive (of voy 'message'), so it doesn't change further.

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