Cuteio Imanulin Nactin

Posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 9:11 9/13/01

In reply to: Cuteio Imanulin Nactin posted by Philip Newton on 2:46 9/13/01

For us who don't read Cadhinor (and my Verdurian is still more limited than my Farsi), would you tell what the message means, especially that "turascurrao"? Hope it will give us all something new to think about. The disaster of the WTC towers has certainly made us all somewhat paranoid.

Mark responds:

Sure. Here's a translation:

I was in my place of work, when I heard that the United States had been savagely attacked. Someone turned on the television, and many workers watched for hours. We saw fire and smoke and broken brick. We saw the towers of the World Trade Center crumble. We didn't know what to think.

I hope that leaders will be sensible. Nobody wants a third World War.

For 'hope' Philip used turascurrao, which is a calque on Verdurian chascurec, literally 'hold [the] flame.' A modern Verdurian could catch or even use this, but I'm afraid Emperor Ervëa wouldn't. :) But the lexicon (though at over 2000 words it's the largest after Verdurian) doesn't yet have a word for 'hope'.
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