Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 1:11 9/13/01

In reply to: Pangram posted by Philip Newton on 14:50 9/11/01

Sorry not to give this the attention I normally would. My mind can't seem to stray far from yesterday's tragedy.

Anyway, nice work on the pangrams... in a sense I feel like anything I would attempt would be tainted, since it might seem that I can invent words to make it work! Not that I would, but it's more impressive when someone else does it.

For palindromes, the best I could do with a few minutes' work was Rho e nachal esë, lachane orh, which would mean something like "It's not my government; gold should be." This of course assumes that e and ë are allowed to 'match'. What the imperative of lachan 'should' means is a bit tricky too, but hey, just because we can't say "May it should be!" in English doesn't mean we can't in Verdurian. :)

As for multi-diacritic words... it occurred to me that for proportion, vuáë itself does pretty well, if written in capitals-- 3 of 4. For a longer word, perhaps tësvuáëë, the masculine plural genitive of 'unanimous', 5 of 8. Again, you have to use capitals, so V has a diacritic!

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