The fusion Cuzeian theism + Arashei

Posted by Gustavo S. Pereira on 21:50 8/30/01

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Mark, how was the Arashei religion like? And why did it merge with the Cuzeian religion? And about the Eleniki, were they really from Earth? How were they like? How was their arrival? They exchanged some culture with the Almeans? Well, that's enough - too many questions!

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Gustavo Pereira

Mark responds:

The Arashei religion is the Cuzeian religion-- or more precisely, a later version of it. When the Cadhinorians conquered Cuzei, they outlawed the religion, and it was persecuted for some centuries. During this time, to preserve the beliefs, the canonical Book of Eledh was compiled.

The Arashei religion thus bears some of the same relation to Cuzeian theism as Judaism (before the establishment of the modern state) did to the temple worship of ancient times. Cuzeian theism was the relaxed, confident religion of the dominant state of its time. Arashei theism was persecuted, a minority religion in a state of foreigners, and had to deal with the fall of Cuzei; it was also more carefully theologized, more rigid, and more zealous.

You can read a bit about the Eleniki at the top of the Visitor's Guide. They might easily have come into enmity with the Arashei, and indeed almost did; but as it happened, common ground was found, and the two groups decided that they were worshipping the same God. The Eledhe scripture consists of the Book of Eledh, the Book of Iesu (our New Testament), and the Book of Mihel (which tells the story of the Eleniki and the eventual rapprochement with the Arashei). (Nonetheless, the religion practiced in the Eärdur valley is more Arashei, that practiced along the coast is more Catholic.)

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