difference between elcari and murtani?

Posted by epdiii on 19:53 8/28/01

In reply to: difference between elcari and murtani? posted by Panu Petteri Höglund on 2:59 8/28/01

Very interesting indeed. One thing though, you said this:

Iáinos scattered the elcari across the world for this sin.
Who exactly is Iáinos? (did I miss something?) And where did the elcari supposedly dwell before this scattering occured? If this story is true, does that mean all the elcari have one language that has been preserved over the millenia? Or did the elcari disregard linguistic preservation and let their original tongue quickly evolve into thousands of tiny dialects?
Mark responds:

What, you didn't read the description of Cuzeian religion?

There are a number of elcarin languages. They do tend to change slower than human languages. Someday I hope to show that Elkarûl, the language of the elcari living nearest to Verduria, is distantly related to that of the nearest múrtani.

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