Äser dën neschene!

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 4:16 8/21/01

In reply to: Äser dën neschene! posted by Philip Newton on 8:35 8/20/01

I wasn't more succesful at finding a grammatically correct formulation somewhere than Phillip. So I simply tried to literally translate English "Happy Birthday". I just replaced "birthday" with "day of the neschana" because of the information about it in the text on Cadhinorian paganism.

Also, my Verdurian apparently isn't really enough to fully translate your reply, Mark- it obviously refers to the new microphone and recording programm, but- you've got a new member (?) (does that mean "computer application" here?) that is "shto" (sorry, I couldn't find that word) and that doesn't have a name in Verdurian. Ok, so it's a machine that records the voice, and I can early (does that mean "soon" here?) hear Verdurian. Damnit, I've got to hurry more to really learn that language.

Mark responds:

Heh... OK, here's a translation of my reply:

Thanks, Irgend. I have a new toy which is... which is... which is something that doesn't have a name in Verdurian. A machine that records voices. Soon you will be able to hear Verdurian...
Philip points out that I should have used the future tense in that last sentence (epmei).

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