Izziëceneo im Eschambran!

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 18:28 8/14/01

In reply to: Izziëceneo im Eschambran! posted by Irgend Jemand on 18:34 8/13/01

Heh, thanks.

Pradece, until now I really know just some basic important words (urave, dëkuy, emai, sherë, zhöh, vin etc.) and enough grammar to know in what order to put them. The rest is from the dictionary- and you guessed right, I'm working just with the thematic dictionary.

But hey, as you said, the key is practicing!

Also, my html was worse than my Verdurian, so that I wrote some ís instead of îs. Well, I hope that won't happen anymore now.

Two more questions:
Esce Neziora Gulag e tyurma nezi?
Er kiel orayul i Ctésifon zet nomai (im 3480)?

Mark responds:

1. Rho... et rizue, dy prilë neziora zet nome ozë.
2. Zet nome Onop 2e. E elordalu coprós 3462, er soa tagia lië e Adhlon.

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