Grammatical Terms in Kebreni

Posted by Mark Rosenfelder on 23:11 8/13/01

In reply to: Grammatical terms in Kebreni posted by Philip Newton on 5:59 8/13/01

OK, we now have some Kebreni grammatical terms (see the Kebreni grammar). They are mostly loan-translations of the Cadhinor/Verdurian forms, thus:
Noun sutnu 'name'
Verb tazugte 'acting'
Adjective bryniunte 'describing'
Pronoun maz'eu 'trustee'
Number riuh'te 'counting'
Relativizer mehurte 'leaning'
That last one translates V. raspuyec, which includes conjunctions, numbers, and prepositions (in Kebreni, locative verbs).

To name verb forms, conjugate nizu, as suggested by Philip.

To refer to a class of verb forms, use the characteristic vowel or affix plus nezi 'word(s)': a-nezi, antibenefactive forms in general; e-nezi, volitional forms; ri-nezi, polite forms; te-nezi, subordinate forms, etc. (See nezi in the lexicon.)

No word is needed for 'adverb', since subordinating forms are used for those.

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