Historical Atlas

Posted by Philip Newton on 4:17 8/8/01

In reply to: Historical Atlas posted by Gareth Wilson on 2:00 8/7/01

It'll go up to the present year on Almea, 3480.

Does time pass on Almea? I mean, will it be the year 3490 on Almea when it's 2011 down here? Or perhaps the year 3482 [or whatever] if you can't make up^W^Wfind out what happens in a whole year in one earth year's time? Or will it stay 3480 for the forseeable future?


Mark responds:

I think I'd put it like this: time passes only if there's a good reason for it to. Back in college we were playing D&D in Verduria, and we got as far as mid-3482. My Swedish friends were at one point thinking of doing some live-action role-playing in Verduria; if they had, I was going to supply them with some ongoing "current events".

And someday I'd like to get back to that horrible novel I wrote about Verduria. It actually took place some years before (back when Abend Montenenon was an innkeeper rather than Prime Minister), but it could lead to stories set after 3480, and a vaguely intuited epic set early in the next century, when Verduria and Dhekhnam move to a confrontation.

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