Funky; Kebreni religion

Posted by Irgend Jemand on 15:04 8/5/01

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On the map of the plain, there's a city named "Funky" in the savannah to the west of the plain. It's right in the middle of nowhere, I mean, there isn't any country or anything marked as the region where any people live near it. So what is it? Wasn't "Funky" a seventies expression for cool? So is that the place to go for funky people on Almea? Or is it Baudrillard's "funky town"?

Also, what's the Religion of the Kebreni? They are not of Cadhinorian descent, so I don't think they believe in Cadhinorian paganism, and judging by their later history, they probably don't like Eledhe to much, either, so what are they?


Mark responds:

Heh, it's one of the remaining jokes on the map. There used to be more... unfortunately, there wasn't room on the Eretald map to show the Forest of Kubushagakobodakhainokiveltochmersuchushichushibugiitilyupyükh (it's the forest just south of Khümnag). Funky lies in the Western Wild, which is unorganized rather than uninhabited; it's a trading town, where men (and elcari) from the mountains, the savannah, the jungle, and the Plain can all get together.

As for the Kebreni, they have their own religion-- a worship of spirits (kem, gods), generally associated with mountains or lakes, and of ancestors. (The name of Lake Como is cognate to kem.) It's rather a low-key religion, a matter of private prayers and sacrifices; educated Kebreni prefer to talk about kemu 'the divine', which originated as a collective term for all the gods together. You could compare their religion to Shinto.

There are some believers in Eledhát on Kebri; also some Irreanists. They never went for the Cadhinorian gods, however.

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